Into It, Intimates / Lena Lena Lingerie

il_fullxfull.572497823_3z55What is it about bows on intimates that make them that much more appealing?! I mean, it is rather impractical for everyday wear (I’ve never been one for practicality though), and yet it seems like bows were mean’t for undergarments (and everything really) – like a wrapped present. So, it only made sense I fell for Lena Lena Lingerie almost instantly. Bows galore! Designer Elena is inspired by feminine sensuality and the charm it evokes, which is brought to life in her collection of sweet and sultry pieces that would make any woman feel her best. And how about that ivory bodysuit?! Any collection featuring one or more bodysuits is a collection I can get down with. Maybe it’s from the years and years (and years) of wearing bodysuits for dance classes, but I always get super excited when I see ones with interesting cuts and details.

My favourites: ivory lace high waisted panties, black lace bandeau, black strapless bra, admire me set, ivory bodysuit

Beauty / Styling My Fringe (Bangs)

Today I’m going to share how I style my bangs/fringe, each and every day. I’m sure the way I style my fringe is not uncommon, but I do see a lot of people using a straightener to style a straight-across fringe, which I used to do ages ago and that works pretty well, but what I do now I find is longer lasting and gives the right amount of volume, in my opinion. Also, I’m in desperate need of a bang trim, so my fringe is a bit wonky, I apologize for that.
STEP ONE:  To style my fringe, it is an absolute must that my fringe is wet. But since I normally wash my hair in the evening, I wake up with totally dry hair. What to do?! Well, I just run my comb under water and then comb through my fringe, getting all parts of it wet, not to a super sopping wet degree, but just enough that it is malleable and will agree with my blow dryer.
STEP TWO:  Now the styling part! I split my fringe in 3 sections (left, centre and right) and using my round brush and blow dryer I place one section over the brush and dry that section by holding the brush near my hairline and then pulling out (that’s what she said) away from my face. The round brush will create a lovely lifted, round shape to the bangs, that is both bouncy and clean looking. Then I continue on to the rest of my sections, until all is even and dry. Since my fringe often has a mind of it’s own, I usually guide the outer sections in the correct direction so that my fringe covers all of my forehead. To give the whole look an extra lift, I’ll take little sections of hair from the top of my fringe and do the above process again. Side note: you may be thinking, why the heck are you not holding the handle part of your round brush?  And the answer is, I’m not sure? It feels more comfortable for some reason.
Processed with VSCOcam with n1 presetAnd that’s it! Every so often I give my fringe a little spritz of hairspray after I’m done, but not always. I find this way of styling a straight-across fringe is great for holding on it’s own, with little or no product.


DSC_3962Often times, I’m uncertain from where I draw inspiration. Our minds are so filled with information – information we may not even be consciously aware of – that we can think we are creating something genuine and new, when really we are pulling reference from something we have seen or read without being fully aware of it. When I posted the image above to instagram it was met with such sweet and kind words, and many people commented “So Millais” and “Ophelia”. It was an Aha! moment for me. The painting called ‘Ophelia’ by Millais is an image I was immediately taken by when I first saw it (it was actually the cover photo on my FB for a long time). I’ve always been quite interested in the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and the art they produced during this time period, so in a way, it only makes sense that these images have been deeply rooted in my mind, siting there, waiting for me to pluck little bits of inspiration from them. And because of my long, wavy red hair, it’s easy for people to make a connection between me and the women in these paintings, heck, I even feel a connection sometimes.
All this to say, it has got me thinking about consciously producing work inspired by some of these Pre-Raphaelite paintings – putting my giant red mane to work and creating something from the images that I have so often reveled in.DSC_3983DSC_3959

A Dress for Always

I’ve had this pinafore since December, but am only getting around to photographing it now. To be honest, I think I only had only worn it once or twice before this, which is quite unusual for me, since I am notorious for wearing new pieces to death. I think the problem was, in my mind, it seemed way more holiday inspired than it actually is. So once the holiday season was over, I thought this pinafore might be too over the top. But after looking back at the photographs I took, I realized that the navy really pops (especially when paired with navy tights), and sort of cancels out the holiday-esque effect that red and green have together. Instead, it’s quite a striking colour combination, especially when photographed against light, muted tones, such as my lamp, wall hanging and stark white walls. Plus it matches our arm chair (which Beans LOVES, as you can see), so that’s an aesthetically pleasing bonus. Needless to say, this will not be one of my “only appropriate for holidays” dresses.

Do you guys have any pieces you avoid wearing and save for the holidays? Have you ever thought you couldn’t wear a piece because it was reminiscent of colour combinations associated with a specific holiday?

Pinafore: Miss Patina
Blouse: vintage via Public Butter
Hat: gift
Tights: H&M

Belle Vie / 35

Processed with VSCOcam with n3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with n3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with g3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with n3 preset(All photos from my iPhone)

1. I’m a huge fan of Jeffrey Eugenides. I read these books quite a long while ago, but they belonged to my ex, so while they were some of my favourite books, I didn’t ever think to get my own copy. It’s been well over a year since that relationship ended, and I’m just finally trying to buy all the books he so kindly introduced me to (thanks Matt!) And I know! A lot of people love love love Middlesex (so do I) and not so much The Marriage Plot, but I LOVE The Marriage Plot, big time.
2. Selfies in the park on a rainy but warm-ish day.
3. Sneaky snaps of a man (Ryan) and his case of beer.
4. I bought pants!! Can you believe it!? A pair of patterned high-waisted cigarette trousers and flared high-waisted jeans. I have quite a few pairs of trousers, although I don’t wear them much…but jeans!? I haven’t owned jeans in flippin’ years. They may end up being something that was a waste of money…I dunno!
5. When I first moved to Toronto I was only working part-time, which mean’t most of my pals were at work during the day, so to keep myself busy I’d pass the hours away in book stores or at coffee shops. I could sit in a book store for hours reading something in it’s almost entirety. I also didn’t have a lot of money, so reading a whole book and never having to buy it was awesome. ha!
6. I found this amazing book called 20th Century Fashion: 100 years of apparel ads at BMV the other day. As you can see, it was right up my alley and carried so much fashion inspiration. I had gone to the book store for some other books, so I couldn’t justify spending close to $30 on this, but I may go back, because clothes!
7. OH MY GOODNESS! Do you notice something very wrong with this cactus!? HA! This cactus belongs to Danielle’s roommate. I can’t remember the full story now, but she bought it at I think a corner store (?) Without close inspection you’d think it was a flowering cactus, but you’d be wrong! The man at the store glued flowers to the top of the cactus. When Danielle told me that story I could not stop laughing.
8. This little guy is honestly the best. I say it all the time, but like, I mean it.
9. And my heart exploded when I found these two like this. Honestly the sweetest thing I have ever laid my eyes on.

Beauty / Braided Headband

Today I’m going to show you how to create a headband for your beautiful hairs with your very own hair. Crazy! This style is pretty fun and versatile as you can make the braids as thin or as thick as you like. I went with thin braids this time around, but I assure you that thick ones are quite striking. So! Here we go!
STEP ONE: Start by parting your hair near your ear and simply pull out (not literally) the desired amount of hair you would like to braid – the hair you use for your braid should be quite close to your ear, sort of like when you wear a headband and it sits right behind your ear, that’s where your braid should be coming from. Now you can braid those hairs! Once your braid is finished no hair elastics are required, just get a bobby pin to hold the braid in place while you start working on the other side. How many times can I say braid in one paragraph?!
Now you should have a braid on each side, which I have decided to turn into… this? I also look like a fish. And I’m rhyming. What’s wrong with me?!
STEP TWO: Now you are going to make your headband! Take your desired braid and guide it over to the other side of your head, and then fasten the end of your braid with bobby pins behind your ear, right where the other braid starts. One down! Now do the same to the other side.
STEP THREE: Once you are done, your braided headband should look something like this. I like to fiddle a bit with the hair that I place over the braids so that it hides the bobby pins holding everything in place, and just for general pulled togetherness.And that’s it! Another easy one, cause ya’ll know I like simple (most of the time). Let me know if you guys try this one out. And as always, if you have any hairstyles (or any other beauty fun) you’d like me to share, let me know.

Post Script

2015_Urban_Outfitters_Samantha_Pleet07It comes as no surprise that as soon as Samantha Pleet’s x UO capsule collection was released I quickly headed over to UO’s blog to take a gander at the accompanying video and lookbook “Post Script”. Aside from the video and lookbook being strikingly beautiful and enchanting (no surprise there), I especially loved what Samantha had to say about the idea behind the video:“It was such a cold winter in New York, and we just had on our minds the juxtaposition of what we were seeing and what our West Coast LA friends were sharing of their experience of like, being on the beach in January while we were freezing and miserable. We wanted to explore the idea of how people follow what their friends are doing, everyone sees life through Instagram and photos, so even when you’re far away you feel like you’re there. You feel like you know what everyone is doing all the time.”  I can wholeheartedly relate to this sentiment. Well before the internet, and especially social media, it was hard to ever truly experience someone else’s perspective since we had no visual to accompany it, only in phone calls, letters (email) and pictures sent could we experience another’s world. It was often only our imaginations that could take us to another place instantly. Nowadays, even if your friends are across the world, with a simple click of a button and a post to instagram, you can see what everyone is up to without even asking. It’s hard to remember what life was like before this. What was it like not knowing what was happening all the time, always, with everyone? While I feel social media creates such a wonderful connection (I have met so many amazing people online), it also creates a disconnect – relationships often don’t feel as personal as they once used to. I hate to admit I sometimes forget I haven’t spoken to some of my friends from far away (heck, even friends close by) in a little while because I feel as though I already know what has been going on. And of course, the ever familiar feeling that only perfectly curated feeds and blogs can make you feel as if everyones life is far more exciting than your own. Just like Samantha stated: “the message is really this ‘it’s always greener’. you always want to escape to a world you’re not in.”

Photography: Hannah Metz
Models: Hannah Metz, Erin Cherry, Ariana Papademetopoulos, Ashley Symone Lee, Nathalie Kelly